Long time!

Posted: Sun, 08/20/2017 - 1:36am

Hey everyone :)

A question. When I first released "breakup," I played two live shows with a drummer. One in Asheville in 1999, the other at Local 506 in 2000.

I'm going to attach pics of the flyers for both shows.

I'm wondering if anyone on this list has, or knows anyone who knows anyone who has, either pics/video of me from either of those events. I recognize this was LONG before the era of iPhones everywhere, and that there is a slim chance of finding anything. I've spoken with the promoters for both parties

It's mostly for sentimental reasons. Jason and I practiced a really long time for those shows, and it would just be neat to see if anyone had any photo graphic evidence :)

That's it..hope you're all well...

Jon G (DJ FM)