New mix posted - Novastalgia Volume 1.2

Posted: Thu, 05/12/2016 - 11:04am

Hello, Triangle! My name is Ben, and hopefully some of you have heard me on the annual After Hours Reunion Show on WKNC (or, if you go waaaayyy back, when I was a regular DJ there). As of last month, I have started making regular mixes as part of the Novastalgia project on my Soundcloud account. The project focuses mostly on the retro electronic music genres like synthwave, chiptune, and non-chip video game music, though it ends up having whatever I feel like including in it. :-) I just released the second mix this week and hope to maintain a roughly monthly schedule (life permitting). If you at all liked what I played on the Reunion show this past year, there's a good chance you'll like these mixes too!