TriangelBeats update

Posted: Tue, 06/28/2016 - 1:58pm

Hello Friends!

So the time has finally come to give everyone a quick update of what will come of TriangleBeats. But first, let's clarify that the main goal of TB is to be a free and open resource that is promoter/venue neutral, in nature. What that means is that we want to support every local artist and party in the Triangle area without profit being the primary motive. TriangleBeats is not a walled garden. There is no spamming your inbox with party invites. And we support ALL styles of electronic music AND DJ culture.

Okay, enough about our mission. This is what we're going to do with TB today. Below is a rough list of tasks that namely Benjamin Huckaby and myself are running with. We are essentially keeping the blog and calendar but we will move the forum to Google Groups for all you lovers of email. Once we move this website off this legacy Drupal instance onto Wordpress we will definitely love help from the community to keep the events calendar up to date.

Please feel free to ask about anything that stated here. We want to be as transparent as possible about this process.

Purchase service July 1, 2016

Logo Draft July 10, 2016

Domain Registration Service Transfer July 20, 2016
(moving from Namecheap)

Wordpress Live Oct 1, 2016

Drupal Site and Content Shutdown December 31, 2016
(All content tarballed and archived)