TriangleBeats.com is a resource for the community of Electronic Dance Music fans, DJs, promoters, dancers and all other participants in the scene in and around Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill North Carolina.

Any registered user can add events to the calendar by clicking Create Content and then selecting Event as the type of content to create. Calendar events will be sent to our twitter account at http://twitter.com/trianglebeats

TriangleBeats.com features a forum which is connected to a mailing list. Any time someone posts to the forum the post will be emailed to all members of the mailing list and vice versa.

Mailing List
To subscribe to the mailing list click on My Account and then click Mailing Lists Subscriptions. Then select Subscribe for all Mail (normal delivery) and click Save. You will get an email to confirm your subscription and the address to mail the mailing list.

To join the chat just click the Chat link. You may want to open the Chat link in a new window or tab, otherwise if you navigate away you will be logged out of the chat. Regardless of whether you open the Chat link in a new window or not you will have to select your Nickname and enter some text into the captcha to verify you are not a computer/robot. Then click connect. Say hi. If you have a question wait around for a while to see if someone responds. Don't join and then leave in less than fifteen minutes!

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