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How do I set up a digest for this list?

On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 10:59 PM, Andrew Gray wrote:
> How do I set up a digest for this list?
> There is nothing in the emails footer?

To unsubscribe or edit your subscriptions options (for example to
temporarily disable delivery or set digest mode)

1) Login http://trianglebeats.com and then click the Mailing Lists
link in the Navigation Menu in the Left Sidebar.

2) Check the radio button for "Subscribe for digest (receive emails in
a bundle)"

3) Click save

You can also get to the same page to edit your subscription options by
clicking in My Account and then clicking the Mailing Lists
Subscriptions tab. The "Mailing Lists" link in the navigation bar is
just a link to this tab in your Account.

Also, I updated the footer to include the link to the Mailing Lists
subscription tab


Creating repeating content on Calendar

For those of us with recurring weeklies/monthlies, is there any way we can add a "recurring event" to the calendar? Thanks!

There is no way to do this currently and I have not researched adding this
functionality. My opinion is that it at least ensures that weeklies that
fizzle out aren't still on the calendar when they arent happening.


How to unsubscribe from the Mailing list

On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 10:28 AM, Obeid, Sara <obeid@email.unc.edu> wrote:
>> > > does anybody know how I can unsubscribe from this listserve?
>> > > much apprechiated
>> > > Sara
You can unsubscribe using this link:
if it says access denied you need to login and then visit that link again

How to resubscribe to the mailing list

login to trianglebeats.com, then on the left navigation block click
"Mailing Lists"
It should already say:
Subscribe to Community?:

  • Yes


so just click "Save"

How to add an event to the Calendar

Any registered user can create an event. First login and in the navigation block on the left click "Create
content" then click "Event."

Is there a reason my message has been rejected?

If you are emailing from UNC chances are it is because of the following:

Your email address that is registered on trianglebeats.com is user@unc.edu but you sent this from/with a reply to of user@email.unc.edu

The mailing list doesn't recognize that email address. It is possible to modify the site to add an alias feature for the user@email.unc.edu but I haven't set it up.

In the mean time:

  1. you can set your reply to user@unc.edu (this may not be changeable by users of UNC?)
  2. edit your email address on trianglebeats.com to be user@email.unc.edu
  3. you can always login to the website and send the message from there. That is sure to work.