A lot can be said, by a life influenced by music. Now, many of us hone into a certain talent, or character trait that defines either our personality, or the aura which personifies us. The members of a collective known as GruvGlu Studios do just that. With musical experience and interaction, drawing back to the early ninety's, the members of GruvGlu Studios have come a long way to provide each and everyone of us a look into what music, in any form, provides for the soul and those who wish to participate in it's entirety.

Based out of the SouthEastern USA, Raleigh North Carolina. This collective has strived to promote positive energy thorugh new and fresh music being created across the globe. Devoting most days to promotion and each and every day to a perfect mix, a properly engineered song, providing opportunities, and booking the members of GGS dedicate their lives to a passion which they have not been the first to endure, but one of the many who have endured and made a sacrifice to perfect.

Laurence Anthony, Jeremy Granger, and Jeremy Smith are the main veins in the collective, but aren't alone and include , Jamie Murray, Justin Colerette, Eric Graul, Mike Wilkerson, Chris O aka Snack, Bryan Whaley, Jody Rex, Trevor Grisanti, Nick Seward, Mike Ruegg, Chris Rogers, Robbie Batton, and many more have all contributed to our endeavours. They have been the glue that has held GruvGlu together and the influential peers which provide new ideas when a new question arises. When a venue asks "Do you know any DJ's?" GGS business card comes out of the pocket first. Gruv Glu's diversity in the sound of music has given them opportunities to cater to some of the East's best and most renowned venues. Buzz in DC, Carnival Cruise Lines, 606 Glenwood South Raleigh and the list goes on. Gruv Glu DJ's span genres ranging from House to Drum and Bass to a bit of funky but fresh Hip Hop and Breakbeat.

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