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Snack (aka Chris O) starting clubbing at the ripe old age of 17 in summer 1993 and quickly developed a passion for the music that has fueled his EDM-related activities ever since. In 1994 he sold his guitar and bought his 1st pair of Technics. In the fall of 1997, Snack moved to the UK to “study abroad”. While his original intention was to bring the then fledgling drum and bass sound back to the States with him, he found himself caught up in the raw energy of hard dance/UK hard house and promptly shifted focus. While attending all night/day afterparties abroad he developed a love for deep, sexy house music. To this day Snack’s styles span a broad range of 4×4 and breaks….from deep and soulful house and techno, to skull-crushing yet funky techno, to smooth and progressive trance. Snack is able to deliver a wide assortment of fresh grooves to the dance floor.
Upon his return to the states in spring 1998, Snack fully immersed himself in the scene as partner in one of NC’s most successful production companies, Sonic Boom. The Sonic Boom parties of 1998-2001 affirmed Snack’s reputation as one of the region’s leading DJs and gave him a suitable outlet to refine his technical skills. During this time, Snack was asked to manage techno and trance inventory for Wax Worx, the leading record store in the area. This led to an opportunity to host a Thursday night residency at Legend’s in Raleigh for over a year with his partners in crime.
During 2000 and while still a student at North Carolina State University, Snack procured a position as Sales Director at one of the country’s leading college radio stations, WKNC 88.1FM. He held the position for 2 years and generated more than $15,000 in revenue for station’s treasury. During his tenure at the station, Snack also served as Afterhours DJ and heightened public knowledge of what has become one of the top EDM radio show formats in the country.
In summer 2001, Snack co-produced and engineered a remix of James Fusion’s “Shock Drum” for 12″ vinyl on Milk Recordings. To this day, Snack works closely with Milk Recordings’ Billie Blaze and Primal Instinct’s James Fusion to produce some of the most upfront, banging techno/NRG released on the East Coast.
The present-day activities of Snack include promotion, DJ’ing, artist management, and production efforts. As a Gruv Glu DJ Snack continues to organize and promote larger semi-monthly events in area and works behind the scenes to keep EDM alive in North Carolina. As a DJ, Snack continues to hone his skills and is known throughout the area to absolutely deliver ‘the heat’ each and every time he plays. He is able to work just about any crowd into a frenzy of sweat no matter what genre the timeslot calls for.